Parents Guide To Host Safe Bounce Rental Party For Kids

Whether it is birthday parties or school events, bounce house rentals are perfect for kids. However, bounce houses do come with their own dangers if not taken care of. Kids do not have much self-preservation, they do not understand the dangers that come with wrestling in a bounce house. They might hurt themselves or their friends accidentally. Some common type of injuries are stress or sprains, soft tissue injuries, fractures. Although most of these injuries are mild cases some might become more dangerous that’s why ensuring safety is a must. If you are renting a bounce house for a party or an event you must abide by some safety points. If you are a parent here are few tips to keep in mind.

1. Instructing Your Kids The Right Way

While letting your kids play in the bounce house, make sure to instruct them on how to play in the bounce house. Teach them not to shove, push, or pull anyone in the bounce house. Help them understand the consequences of wrestling inside the bounce house. Many accidents happen when kids are pushed from the bounce house on the floor. Sometimes the bounce house material can tear or get damaged when the kids wrestle inside it wildly. Such damage in the bounce house can not only make the whole thing collapse but also cause injuries to the kids present inside.

2. Appointing Someone For Supervision

It is always recommended that you appoint someone for supervision of your kids. Kids often tend to forget, or not give importance to the things that we tell them to do. In the heat of the moment the kids might forget that they are not supposed to push or shove one another. When someone keeps an eye on them the chances of accidents lower a lot. You as a parent can remain calm and stress free when you know you have hired someone to take care of your kids while they are in the bounce house. A supervisor should know how to assess probable dangers, manage the kids in behaving in a safe manner, and prevent accidents from happening.

3. Keep Sharp Objects Away

Sharp objects are a boon to bounce houses. No matter how strong the material of the bounce houses is, it is no match for sharp objects. Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, sticks, stone, some jewelry, belt latch, etc are highly dangerous to be taken in a bounce house. All the kids should be checked for possession of any sharp objects on them. Sharp objects through the fabric of the bounce house lead it to collapsing. A sudden decrease in the air pressure of the bounce house may cause the kids to fall down and hurt themselves.

4. Let a Professional Set Up The Bounce House

When you are renting a bounce house, professionals will know how to set up the bounce house properly. The wrong installation of the bounce house made lead to accidents. Improper installation can cause kids to fall out of the bounce house. Choosing the place of set up is another thing that a professional would know.

If the surface is not right or the wind blowing is too high speed it would not be ideal for bounce house setup. A professional will know to assess the dangers and make sure that the bounce house is set up in a safe place.

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